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Budget Cuts In Education

16 December 2014
Dear Parent,
As I am sure you have heard on the news, the Education Budget has been severely cut. It is my concern that this will have a negative impact on Our Lady’s Primary School and the educational provision we can maintain for your child. It is not my wish to worry you, however, the NI Assembly needs to realise that the work our School does is important and must be funded.
The Budget consultation document can be accessed here; The deadline for responses is 29th December.
Over a number of years, Our Lady’s Primary School has continually reviewed the staffing provision and budgetary impact on resources. It is the Governors concern that they will have to review the provision further, which in turn will impact on;
  • The role of the school in the Learning Community in collaboration of joint courses
  • The provision of accredited courses and the costs affiliated with them, including examination centre fees
  • The provision of transport for related education experiences
  • The provision of educational resources
  • An increase in the size of class groupings, regardless of the needs of pupils.
  • A reduction in teaching staff, which would mean that educating, managing and supporting learning for each pupil will not be possible and the statutory curriculum will not be able to be delivered.
  • A reduction in the non-teaching pupil support staff, which is all educational needs based, would mean that the standard of education for each child who may require technical, social, behavioural and specific educational needs would not be sustainable.
  • A reduction in the already minimal administrative staff would mean staff workload would be increased and measures to allow for acceptable day-to-day management of the pupils would be compromised.
The educational and pastoral care impact on your child caused by the reduction in resources and staffing is endless and it is anticipated that it will lead to children not receiving the support they require. 
I would ask that you would respond to the Budget and have attached a sample response e-mail for you to send to the following address;
Thank you for your support
Orla O’Dowd
Dear Mr O’Dowd,
My child attends Our Lady’s Primary School, in Belfast. I am very concerned that the draft Education Budget will mean that the school will not be appropriately resourced to meet the educational needs of my child.
I, as a parent, believe that it is very important to ensure that my child is educated in a building that is suitable, I am concerned that budget reductions will mean that the building will not be rebuilt/maintained properly. I am also concerned that the Resource Budget reduction would indicate that there would be a reduction in staffing at the school.
The staff in the school are crucial to support my child’s learning. They build relationships and develop resources to meet my child’s educational needs.
I would call on the NI Assembly to review the allocation of funds to ensure that my child’s education is protected.
Thank you for your urgent consideration.
Concerned Parent