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MND Awareness Month

Our second "family chosen" charity this year is deterMND... a local charity that feeds into national charities to support families with Motor Neurone Disease. We will support this charity by holding a non-uniform day on Friday 5th June with a £1 donation per child/family or a donation of your choosing.  Thank you for your support in all our efforts to support local and global charities.


deterMND has been established on behalf of Anto Finnegan, former Antrim Gaelic football captain, after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in August 2012. The aims of deterMND are very simple-

1. Raise awareness of MND through organised events and press coverage
2. Raise funds for the MND Association for research and patient care
3. Raise funds for the deterMND (Anto Finnegan) Trust

MND is a neurological condition for which there is no cure, with an average prognosis of 2-5 years after diagnosis. The disease causes motor neurons to stop functioning, meaning signals fail to reach their intended muscles. This causes the muscles to waste and die, leading to complete immobility. Senses such as sight, hearing and touch remain unaffected.

 The MND Association rely of fundraising and donations to support patient care and research.