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Our School Aims

In Our Lady's Girls' Primary School we aim to:


  • provide a Catholic Education in an environment where Christian values are actively lived and where the growth of the whole child is fostered.


  • enable each pupil to live a full life as a child in a secure and happy child-centred environment.


  • foster in each child a love of learning, a knowledge of how to learn and the motivation to produce her best work.


  • develop in the child self-esteem, sensitivity to and respect for others, self-confidence, inner contentment, habits of self-discipline and resilience and acceptable social behaviour.


  • develop in the child an awareness of her own cultural heritage and to promote an understanding of and a tolerance towards other cultures and religions.


  • help the child understand the world in which she lives and the interdependence of individuals groups and nations.


We also aim to:

  • provide opportunities for the professional development of staff and so enrich the contribution to the curriculum for the benefit of pupils and staff.


  • involve parents in all stages of the child's development and in the interest of the child, liaise with other educational establishments, the Social Services and supportive groups in the parish and the wider community.


to establish an atmosphere within the school in which teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, ministers of religion and school governors can work with each other to achieve the school's aims