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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school - we work as a team to ensure your daughter is safe and happy at school.

Principal          Mrs Hughes                                                 School Secretary      Mrs Kelly & Miss O'Neill

Vice Principal   Mrs McDowell                                             Building Supervisor  Mr Saunders




Learning Assistants

P1 - Mrs Kelly
P2 - Mrs McSteen & Mrs Hale
P3 - Ms Scott & Mrs Rooney
P4 - Mrs Donaldson & Mrs O'Dowd
P5 - Mrs McPartland & Mr Tolan
P6 -  Miss Bradley & Mrs McGoldrick
P7 - MissDuggan & Mr McMahon

SEN - Mrs Boyle  & Miss O'Donnell


Mrs E McAllister

Miss Hutchinson
Ms M McAllister

Ms Mathews
Ms Kelly

Ms O'Neill
Miss Cassidy 
Miss Cole

Mrs Glover

Mr Lowry

Ms Muldoon

Ms Murray



Lunchtime Supervisors
SP Saunders
S Cole

C Lowry
M McAlleenan

E Crawford

Ancillary Staff
K McDonnell
A Saunders

M McCaig